2015-09-27 19:04:52 by shadowhuntress13

After a long hiatus, I have returned to newgrounds to show off my artwork (and possibly get some commissions).

I finally was able to submit artwork again, but then I reached my unscouted limit for my artwork. If anyone who sees this and likes my artwork could scout me, I would be very happy.

Submitting old artwork

2012-07-05 23:33:51 by shadowhuntress13

Since it's taking me awhile to make new work, I'm posting old work for Newgrounds viewers. Hope you like and remember: If I put it in the comment that it's old work, don't criticize it as if I just drew it.
Thank you.

Drawing Hentai

2012-06-19 00:13:43 by shadowhuntress13

yep, you read the title right. I just posted one rather explicit hentai, and there's more where that came from. This sick twisted imagination spawned from dreams and being with the bf is being put to work.

Artistic Mood

2012-03-17 17:09:00 by shadowhuntress13

Most artists feel artistic and blocked at the same time. For me, I am feeling like I want to draw the world, but the line marks are not working with me completely. Hopefully, I can re-locate my brain and duct tape it back together long enough to get something done. I hope to post more work soon.


2012-03-05 21:56:50 by shadowhuntress13

I posted some of my artwork for you guys to take a look at an comment. Hope you enjoy. More will be posted in time.


2012-03-04 18:55:34 by shadowhuntress13

Hey, everybody, I'm shadowhuntress13. I am a gamer and ameteur artist. I love video games, drawing, watching videos, and listening to all kinds of music, especially videogame music.
Some of you may know me from deviantart as shamira-g. If you play Terraria or Portal 2, I have a Steam account. It's the same as my newgrounds username and my avatar is Chell. Why? Chell is awesome and I bare an uncanny resemblence to her.
Hope to enjoy the company and comments of my fellow artists and gamers here on newgrounds!